Thursday, January 29, 2015

Free Camping at National Park "How To"

Do you enjoy living the carefree life of an RV owner, living full-time in your motorhome or fifth wheel? Wouldn't it be nice to even earn some extra cash while you enjoy your stay in some of the most beautiful parks in North America?
Instead of earning money and paying for a living, you trade out your labor for the campsite. You don’t use any fuel commuting to your job, you walk to it, you get to live in a beautiful location for as long as you volunteer, you meet interesting people daily, your work is fulfilling, and you don’t pay taxes on the value of the campsite/labor trade out.
What makes deals like this even more attractive is that after you work a few of these positions and have a favorable track record, you will find it much easier to get additional positions, especially at the more popular parks where positions are snatched up quickly.
As public agencies and states continue with budget shortfalls, much of the work previously covered in the budget doesn't get done–unless by volunteers. And that is good news for RVers as more volunteer positions open and for those who use their ingenuity to suggest a volunteer position that works for the agency and gives you a free living.
You will help the park get their work done, you will have a purpose that many retired RVers seem to miss, and you can travel from job to job and commit to it only as long as you like. Then play full time until your next job. Search online by doing a Google search for “volunteering” with the location you want to work in. 
This is the ideal situation for RVers that do not have to work year round while they travel. Work a little bit, then take off for a while and travel. The next time you find yourself in a national park and you’re feeling a little restless, contact the park office and inquire about work. Chances are, they will be glad you did.

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