Tuesday, January 27, 2015

National Park Passport

From Yellowstone to Zion, the Grand Canyon and all of the others in between, America’s national parks are some of the most majestic places to visit in the country. And to make your national park visits even more enjoyable, the Passport To Your National Parks program was created back in 1986. The national parks passport looks similar to an international passport, but it’s filled with useful information to help you navigate and enjoy the national park you’re visiting.
What Is It?
If you’re an avid visitor of our country’s national parks, but don’t have a national park passport yet, you’ll want to get one. The passport book includes a list of all of the national parks in the country, pre-visit information, photographs and maps to help you get the most of each national park experience. There’s a place in each national park’s section to place a “cancellation stamp” that states the park you visited along with the date you were there (similar to getting your international passport stamped when you land in another country).
The Kids’ Passport
There’s a special national parks passport for your kids too. Similar to the adult version, this 100-page passport provides information, maps and a field journal for every national park in the country. Kids love getting their passport stamped at each national park and the photos and information inside the passport are geared toward keeping kids interested.
The Explorer Edition
Avid national park enthusiasts will love the Passport To You National Parks Explorer Edition. This weatherproof, easy-to-carry passport includes pockets for your park souvenirs and an expandable map of the United States. The pages in the Explorer Edition are removable, so you can arrange your passport just the way you like and get the most out of every national park visit.
Support National Parks
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