Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Plants and Herb Garden in your RV

Just because you've transitioned to a full-time RV lifestyle doesn't mean that you have to give up the house plants that brought warmth to your brick-and-mortar home. Many of your house plants will thrive in your new home on wheels.
Plant an Herb Garden
Plants don’t just help your RV feel more like a home, they moisturize the dry interior of your motorhome or travel trailer too. And when you decide to plant an herb garden, you get the added bonus of tasty additions to the meals you cook on the road. Almost any herb will fare well in the interior of an RV, but it’s important to make sure you plant herbs with similar stems together. Cilantro and basil pair well because of their softer stems and more woody stemmed herbs like rosemary and thyme grow well together.
Take Your House Plants
Most house plants will travel well in your RV as long as you have a contained place to store them (like a bathtub) while your vehicle is in motion. Ferns and spider plants will look great hanging from your RV’s awning if you plan to park and stay a while, and aloe, golden pothos, gerber daisies, and fig trees are all house plants that will thrive in your RV and moisturize the air as well.
Your moving vehicle poses more threat to a plant’s survival than the interior atmosphere of your RV, so be sure to store your plants properly whenever you’re on the road and nearly any plant will fare as well in your RV as it did in your home.
Plant a Flower
We can’t neglect the namesake of the day. Flowers brighten up any environment, including your RV. Flowers that can flourish indoors include poinsettias, orchids, and African violets, though there are many more. Any hardy, low-light flower ought to flourish, but you can offset the low-light requirement by taking your flowers out when you stop for the day and letting them soak up some sun.
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