Saturday, July 25, 2015

Avenger RV by Primetime

To guarantee that Avenger provides true customer satisfaction, our engineers carefully examined every component, every small detail, and every process that went into Avengers creation. It is important to offer industry-leading beauty, so real golden American Cherry hardwood cabinet doors were paired with premium fabrics, flooring, and counter tops for a luxurious appearance. Features and design elements that are considered to be “Best In Class” and rarely found on the competition were specified to fully maximize customer enjoyment. Demanding testing standards and innovative construction technique like EVERLAST® were developed to ensure long-term quality and durability.
If “Your Journey Begins Here”, Avenger is sure to please.
CCRV is proud to carry the Avenger series travel trailer. Our customers love these trailers and report back positive feedback on their camping experience. Contact us today we carry a large selection of Avenger models.

Sales Manager

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