Thursday, July 30, 2015

Join my Scentsy Team

Melissa Bruton Independent Scentsy consultant


My life revolves around animals. I have three dogs, a cat and two pet rats. I volunteer with animals and I pet sit as well. Not long ago,  I walked into my house and said "It smells like dog in here!" Every one else who visited my home said it was fine, but I've always had a sensitive nose and I can smell every little thing. I decided that I needed to upgrade the smell factor from Fido to Fabulous! I thought to myself, I love Scentsy, so I'll sign up for the discount. I don't want to sell anything...I just want to support my own Scentsy habit. So, as fate would have it, I ran into a Scentsy Director at a local festival and told her I wanted to join her team "just for the discount". I finally got around to calling her a week later, signed up online and scheduled a launch party as an excuse to drink wine with my friends. I never expected that less than a month later, I would achieve my first promotion to CERTIFIED CONSULTANT! I have literally had people approach me in stores after overhearing a conversation with my son and say "Oh my gosh! You sell Scentsy? Do you have...". I went from discount to dedicated! I have never in my life represented a direct marketing company where people actually wanted to talk to me, and I have sold it all. Cosmetics, vitamins, wraps, plastic bowls, cleaning products...NEVER have I had the reception or success that I am seeing with Scentsy! If you are looking for a little (or a lot) of extra income, something fun to do with your friends, or "just a discount", join my Scentsy team and let's PARTY WICKLESS!

It just 3 short months I have had so much fun meeting new women, hosting parties and earning a leadership cruise with Scentsy. Wow! 
As a busy Mom and wife Scentsy is easy for me to work around a hectic schedule and find time to enjoy working my business. 
It's simple easy to do! My husband and I have been so surprised at how many people walk up to me in the grocery store simply wearing a Scentsy t-shirt and ask me about it. I never thought this would take off like it has. This home based business is wonderful and a great business opportunity for women. 

Melissa Bruton

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