Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Organize your Camping Life

RV lifestyle may seem like it’s all about relaxation at the campsite, but we all know that life on the road can get overwhelming too. Follow these simple tips to simplify your RV lifestyle and get back to the stress-free living that recreational vehicles were founded upon.
De-Clutter Your RV
The first step to simplifying your RV lifestyle is to de-clutter all of the stuff you’re traveling with that you don’t actually need. Whether it’s an extra set of dishes, clothing you never wear or condiments that are just taking up room in the fridge, getting rid of any unneeded items will open up your storage areas and make your RV more fuel efficient.
Organize What’s Left
Once you’ve removed all of the items you no longer need from your RV, it’s time to organize what is left. Use small bins inside of your closets, cabinets and storage areas to organize all of your belongings. Label each bin, so you can access your items quickly and easily. Soft items — or items that you use often once you’re parked at the campground — can be hung from hooks inside your RV’s closets to keep them accessible and out of the way.
Go Digital
One of the biggest difficulties of the RV lifestyle is that you no longer have a permanent address. Instead of having your friends or family send your paper mail to campgrounds around the country (and letting it pile up inside your vehicle), it’s time to go digital. Change your banking and other bill payments to online versions to eliminate the paper clutter inside your RV.
Simplify Your Life at CCRV
There’s no better way to simplify your life than with a new or used RV from CCRV. But we’re more than just your go-to south Texas RV dealer, we’re your home for top-quality RV service, and all of the parts and accessories you need to stay organized on the road.
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