Wednesday, July 1, 2015

RV Fun

The RV lifestyle is certainly a relaxing way to live, but moving your home on wheels from one destination to another means a number of steps must be taken to ensure everything goes as planned. Most RV travelers have a few ways of reminding themselves what to do, whether it’s a sticky note on the dashboard, a white board in the kitchen or a reminder on their cell phone. These simple and unique memory savers will guarantee you remember all of the steps you need to get your RV ready for the road.
Reminders are such a big part of the RV lifestyle that a product named RVminders was created to help RV travelers remember certain preparations. This convenient product features simple notes that wrap around your steering wheel. The pre-labeled reminders include phrases like “slide locks,” “hookups,” “door/vents/windows,” “TV/satellite antenna,” and a number of others. Two blank reminders are included, so you can customize them yourself.
Ribbon Reminders
If you don’t want to spend any money on your RV reminder system, ribbon reminders are a cost-effective solution. Simply label a ribbon for every item you want to remember. For instance, place a ribbon labeled “antenna” on your antenna. When you raise the antenna, tie the ribbon around your steering wheel. When it comes time to leave your campsite, you’ll be reminded to lower your antenna by the note on the wheel.
Download a Checklist
A simple checklist that you complete every time you hit the road can be helpful. Instead of making the checklist yourself, which can cause you to forget certain items, download a complete checklist online. A number of RV websites offer free printable checklists, so you can print one for every stop.
Bring Your RV to CCRV
The best way to ensure your RV is ready for the road is to bring it to our certified RV technicians at CCRV in Corpus Christi. Give us a call, log online or stop in and see us to set up your appointment today.

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