Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Southern French Toast Camping Recipe


2 Slices Texas toast or thick sliced French bread Cinnamon Vinilla extract Dark brown sugar Eggs Milk Maple cured bacon


Servings are for 2 slices multiply ingredents for extra 1 egg 1 Teaspoon brown sugar Sprinkling of cinnamon 1 Table spoon milk 3 Drops of Vanilla Extract Mix thourghly then drop bread slices in to coat each side. Cook on electric grill or frying pan set at about 350, like you would do for pancakes. Note they will be ready to flip over in about 1 to 2 minutes. The longer they set in the batter softer they get and become harder to handle. Cook up the bacon as normal. As added treat, make a pocket if the bread with a knife and stuff a little of your favorite jell or jam in them before doing the egg batter. We have at times put cooked bacon in ours. 

Have Fun Camping from your friends at CCRV  

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