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Paraffin Destroyer for Oil Wells

Paraffin Destroyer™

Natural  Microbes selected for their voracious ability to Remove Paraffin Wax Build-up found in Oil Wells. 

Within the oil extraction industry, paraffin wax build-up can have disastrous effects on oil well production. As much as 85% of the world’s oil is prone to precipitate paraffin deposits which, over time, can reduce oil flow to such a degree that production ceases altogether.
When untreated, paraffin build-up can drastically decrease the efficiency of the entire oil recovery and transfer system including mechanical issues, flow lines, pipes, tubing, excessive tank bottoms and of course the oil well itself. At times these build-ups can become serious enough to cause complete failure of the oil recovery system. Fortunately paraffin wax fouling can be relatively easy to remove with Paraffin Destroyer™, a natural and safe consortium of specially selected microbes with known appetites targeted at paraffin wax.

Applications and Uses

Oil Wells, Oil Pumping Equipment, Oil Transfer Systems, Oil Flow Lines, Oil Tank Bottoms, Industrial Paraffin Cleanup.

The key step in the degradation of paraffin contaminants depends on the presence of a multi-component enzyme system found in Paraffin Destroyer™ microorganisms. These optimized microbes are easily applied to the site or spill and digest their way through the paraffin material, multiplying and digesting until no paraffin remains. Paraffin Destroyer™ microorganisms utilize these unwanted paraffin contaminants as their fuel source. The byproducts are non-toxic carbon dioxide and water.


  • Increase flow.
  • Greater Productivity.
  • Increase Tank Holding Capacity.
  • Reduced Maintenance and Downtime.
  • Reduce or eliminate Hot Oil and/or Steam Treatment.
  • Reduced Labor – no more mechanical removal, scraping, hot oiling, hot water, steam & chemical solvents.
  • Reduced Paraffin in the Formation, Wellbore, Rods and Production Equipment.
  • Eliminate skin damage and Paraffin accumulation to help flatten the decline curve and extend wells’ economic life.
  • Eliminate Paraffin interference with the natural inflow fluids into the wellbore.
  • Reduce internal component corrosion by reducing available oxygen for the oxidation process.


CoreBiologic Paraffin Destroyer™ assures no harm to the natural environment and is non-pathogenic, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable. The components of Paraffin Destroyer synergize the interactions between beneficial bacteria to decompose Paraffin into carbon dioxide and water.
  • The microbes in Paraffin Destroyer™ are not damaging to the reservoir.
  • Relatively inexpensive compared to other Paraffin management solutions.
  • Treats the problem at its point of origin, reducing Paraffin in the formation, wellbore and production equipment.
  • Treatment can be accomplished quickly within a few hours.
  • No special plumbing or retrofit is required.
  • Paraffin Destroyer™ thrives at the oil/water or water/paraffin interface, these microbes will naturally seek out paraffin skin damage and gradually degrade it.
  • Free of caustics, it will not damage plastic pipes or plumbing fixtures.
  • Once Paraffin Destroyer™ is displaced to the bottom of the well and it’s microbes come into contact with the food source(Paraffin), the microbial population begins to vastly increase in numbers and population for continuous cleaning until the food source is gone.
  • Available in containers as small as one gallon and as large as 275 gallon totes.
Increased Flow, Extended Well Life, Reduced Labor and Maintenance all translate to more profit per well..


Prior to application, make certain that no chemicals or toxic materials are being injected into the well-bore. If chemicals or toxic chemicals are in the system or part of a treatment process, these should be discontinued for 7-10 days prior to Paraffin Destroyer™ treatment.
Paraffin Destroyer™ must be mixed with Nutrient water prior to pumping into the well. Our recommended nutrient source is a water soluble fertilizer with any NPK of 20-10-20. Peter’s Professional 20-10-20 TE or equivalent is sufficient.

    Application Rates:

    Paraffin Destroyer™ application rates are determined based on several important well characteristics and the desired result, thus each dosage will depend on the individual well and project requirements. Our standard application rate is 10 gallons of Paraffin Destroyer™ premixed with a nutrient solution comprised of 200 gallons water and 1.5 pounds dissolved nutrient with an NPK of 20-10-20. The process should be repeated every 30 days to maximize the well’s performance and yield. Please call CoreBiologic’s technical representative for more information.

    The condensed basic procedure for treating a well using Paraffin Destroyer™ is to:

  • In clean tank, add 1.5 pounds dissolved nutrient to 200 gallons water.
  • Add Paraffin Destroyer to the Nutrient water tank. Mix thoroughly and wait one hour.
  • Tie into the annulus of the well.
  • Pump the Paraffin Destroyer/Nutrient water mixture into the well.
  • Bring the well back online.
  • Well stroke or pumping frequency may need to be increased due to larger fluid flows after treatment.

Bob Bruton
Texas Sales

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