Thursday, December 17, 2015

Produce Pro


Natural microbes selected to provide superior plant health and production for a higher quality produce.

In a gallon of ProducePro™, trillions of microbes help your produce reach their full potential. Natural microbes are selected for their capabilities to provide superior plant health and production through enhanced rhizosphere activity and bio-stimulation of plants. ProducePro™ is safe, natural, and NOT genetically modified.

Applications and Uses

Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Fruit bearing trees, Herbs, and Spices

ProducePro™ stimulates the growth of root systems and helps release soil nutrients. The growth of the root system is directly reflected in the larger foliage that is produced sooner in the lifecycle of crop. These natural microbes and beneficial soil microbes help release soil nutrients, improve plant growth, and improve soil tilth and soil conditions simultaneously. Improved soil and plant productivity and a reduction of extraneous inputs are the direct result with improved economics for the grower.
Researchers from CoreBiologic labs isolate the most capable microbes to provide our customers with a premium microbial product. ProducePro™ consists of a myriad of microbial strains from many species and genera. These microbes enable plants to receive more of the important nutrients they need to have a healthy stand and increased growth potential.


  • ProducePro™ activates native soil organisms; increases root activity for larger, stronger root systems, increases metabolic activity of soil microorganisms.
  • Better plant resistance, increased water retention, greater fertilizer efficiency, and enhanced nutrient availability.
  • Enhanced growth of leaves and canopy closure, larger diameter stems, and bigger root systems, leading to healthier plants and larger blooms.
  • Use of ProducePro™ helps to improve health, appearance, flavor of produce, providing exceptional foliar and soil nutrition.
  • Free-living nitrogen fixing microbes that bring atmospheric nitrogen into the rhizosphere where it can become available to the plants.
  • Enhanced leaf, flower, and fruit production via rhizosphere microbe activities.
ProducePro™ has a unique formulation of organic microbes that improve mineral retention. This equates to increased efficiency of manufactured nitrogen and better uptake of those minerals, leading to healthier produce.


CoreBiologic™ ProducePro™ assures no harm to the natural environment from unrecognized DNA. ProducePro™ contains food for the 29 strains of microbes to allow them to establish in the soil and the rhizosphere. The components in ProducePro™ synergize the interactions between beneficial bacteria and fungus to do their best work.
  • ProducePro™ is a proprietary blend of 29 microbial strains made up of 15 species from 8 different genera.
  • Assists in the breakdown of complexed fertilizer compounds that increase uptake into the plant, thus preventing excessive runoff into sensitive bodies of water.
  • Several strains that produce plant growth-stimulating hormones.
  • Natural fungi are a very important provider of enzymes, most fungicides are non-selective, in that they destroy both good and bad fungi. We include good fungi in our product.
  • Many strains solubilize insoluble forms of phosphorus, making them available to the plants.
  • Certain strains are able to digest, typically indigestible, plant residue that can be put back into the rhizosphere to support the growth of the microbial community.
  • ProducePro™ has microbes that release compounds to help capture iron that can become available to the plants.
  • Application

    ProducePro™ can be used across a wide range of agricultural settings. The product is also versatile in the way it can be applied, by use in hand sprayers, large volume crop sprayers, crop dusters, irrigation systems, and is safe to use in planting equipment. These options allow growers the freedom needed in such a demanding industry.
    • Application rates may vary but we recommend 16 oz. of ProducePro™ per 20 gal. of water per acre.
    • For best results, apply in-row on and follow up with ProducePro+™ as a foliar with spring applied herbicide and insecticide programs.
    • Applications can be made with fungicides, although it is generally not recommended.
    • For irrigation systems, please consult a member of our sales team. Information they may need: frequency, volume, and irrigated acreage.
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