Saturday, January 30, 2016

Garden Pro Natural


Fresh, Viable, and Natural microbes selected for their capabilities to provide superior plant health.

In a gallon of GardenPro™, trillions of microbes help your garden plants reach their full potential. Natural microbes are selected for their capabilities to provide superior plant health and production through enhanced rhizosphere activity and bio-stimulation of plants. GardenPro™ is safe, natural, and NOT genetically modified.

Applications and Uses

Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Shrubs, Trees, Fruit bearing trees, Herbs and Spices, and House plants

GardenPro™ stimulates the growth of root systems and helps release soil nutrients. The growth of the root system is directly reflected in the larger foliage that is produced sooner in the lifecycle of garden blooms. These natural and beneficial soil microbes help release soil nutrients, improve plant growth, and improve soil tilth and soil conditions simultaneously.
The GardenPro™ product line has technologically advanced formulations that works like no other product on the market to keep plants healthy. It’s ideal for flowers, garden plants, vegetables, house plants, shrubs and trees.


  • Bigger fruits and vegetables.
  • Amends hydrophobic (water-repelling) soils.
  • Greater fertilizer efficiency, reduces nitrate leaching while enhancing nutrient availability.
  • GardenPro™ activates native soil organisms; increases root activity for larger, stronger root systems, increases metabolic activity of soil microorganisms.
  • Enhanced growth of leaves and canopy closure, larger diameter stems, and bigger root systems, leading to larger, more colorful blooms and flowers.
  • Improves the health, appearance, and size of blooms and fruits, provides exceptional foliar and soil nutrition.
flower garden
GardenPro™ is ideal for home grown vegetables and flower gardens. Plants are able to better utilize, otherwise “locked”, nutrients in the soil and produce larger root systems and beautiful flowers.

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