Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Industrial Clean Up


Industrial innovation is an integral part of society moving forward. Industrial site maintenance is part of that innovation. CoreBiologic is proud to contribute to industry advancement by providing viable and sustainable solutions. We blend biology and modernization with the principles of sustainability to help address many environmental challenges in industrial settings.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has noted that oil releases threaten public health and safety by contaminating drinking water, , diminishing air and water quality, causing fire and explosion hazards, compromising agriculture, and costing the economy millions of dollars.
Oil spills harm the environment by killing wildlife and destroying habitats and food, and produces toxic effects in organisms and ecosystems. Often effecting these ecosystems for years. Oil industry infrastructure is aging, continuing to threaten the environment. The health, environmental, and economic impacts of oil spills are substantial. Biological remediation is effective on land and water, and offers a low-cost alternative to cleanup of spill sites. Bio-remediation is safer, cheaper, and more effective than traditional cleanup methods.
CoreBiologic offers a suite of natural and safe microbial products formulated to deliver premium results. These formulations derived from decades of microbial research and the naturally occurring microbes have been selected for their special capabilities. The capabilities of these microbes work to fulfill the complex needs of industrial site maintenance while remaining 100% safe and natural. These proprietary products excel at degrading organics and soil contaminants for better environmental harmony.

Oil Destroyer™

Oil Destroyer™ uses natural microbes selected for their capabilities to provide superior breakdown of grease and other organic matter in a variety of environments. Oil Destroyer™degreasing power makes it ideal to use in industrial settings for fast and easy clean up.

VOC Destroyer

CoreBiologic has developed microbial blends with special appetites for a variety of contaminants. The success of bioremediation ultimately depends on the presence of capable microorganisms, which can be properly "managed" to utilize their capabilities. VOC Destroyer™ gives those native microorganisms a boost to return the soil to a natural state.

Paraffin Destroyer

Oil production platforms can face many obstacles, paraffin being one of them. The key step in the degradation of paraffin contaminants depends on the presence of a multi-component enzyme system found in Paraffin Destroyer™ microorganisms. These optimized microbes are easily applied to the site or spill and digest the paraffin material, until no paraffin remains.

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