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Decrease Pond Sludge / Beach Clean Up


A scientific mixture of beneficial microbes and bio-stimulants designed to decrease pond sludge.

Our muck reduction product line offers superior microbes at the highest concentrations to help you enjoy your pond and beach area once again. MuckDown™ dives deep into crevices, penetrating the hard to reach areas with beneficial bacteria. If you are looking to reduce sludge buildup or clean the dark soils from the beach area of your pond or lake, then MuckDown™ should be a part of your routine maintenance.

Applications and Uses

Ponds, Lakes, Beach Areas, Waters where muck or decaying matter has built up.

Effortlessly clean crevices and hard-to-reach areas throughout your pond. The MuckDown™ product line is a 100% safe, long-term solution that eliminates cumbersome and labor-intensive pond maintenance. MuckDown™ comes in three forms for a variety of muck reducing applications and is a safe option for cleaning and restoring ponds to a state of health and balance.
MuckDown™ liquid treats an entire pond or small lake. MuckPucks™ and MuckSpikes™ are a solid proprietary blend of Bacillus spores designed to decrease the amount of organic matter buildup in ponds and water systems. MuckPucks™ are used to spot treat beaches and dock areas of ponds and lakes to reduce muck accumulation and improve water quality. MuckSpikes™ are for spot treating those extra thick muck layers when inserted deep into the problem areas.
This digestion occurs naturally, however, without MuckDown™ the process is very time consuming. With MuckDown™, that process is sped up dramatically and restores the pond to a state of health and balance. Place MuckDown™ directly into your pond and its multipurpose cleaning action tackles unsightly pond sludge, slime, waste and other organic materials.


  • Reduces muck in ponds and localized areas like beaches and docks.
  • Significantly increases naturally occurring bacteria to consume unwanted micronutrients for a healthy, clear pond.
  • Reduce or eliminate sulfide and methane odor due to slow decay of dead algae and animal waste, while improving dissolved oxygen levels.
  • MuckDown™ reduces toxic ammonia from your pond or lake that can have detrimental effects on fish health and other wildlife.
  • Simple, cost-effective method for organic muck management and is 100% safe for humans, fish, livestock, pets, birds, swimming and irrigation.
  • Degradation can be localized to the area where solids have built up.
  • MuckPucks™ and MuckSpikes™ consist of a slow-release customized blend of bacteria strains chosen specifically for their muck reduction capabilities within lakes and ponds.
  • Can undo many of the conditions that lead to excessive algae growth.


CoreBiologic™ MuckDown™ assures no harm to the natural environment from unrecognized DNA. MuckDown™ contains food for the microbes to allow them to establish in the layers of your pond residue. The components in MuckDown™ synergize the interactions between beneficial bacteria and fungus to do their best work.
  • MuckDown™ is a proprietary concentrated blend of 23 strains of bacteria and unicellular fungi strains.
  • Each spike / puck of MuckDown™ contains 100’s of millions of hungry organisms ready to go to work for you. Water activates the spikes / pucks releasing the organisms, which begin to consume nearby organic material.
  • MuckDown Liquid is available in containers as small as one gallon and as large as 270 gallon totes.
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MuckDown™ is safe for the environment and a great alternative to chemically treating bodies of water.

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