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Fuel Additives Gas & Diesel

Unlike "all-in-one" additives, AMSOIL fuel additives are formulated to provide quick results.

When vehicle performance or fuel economy decline, many motorists turn to fuel additives to solve the problem. There are several brands available, and most promise some combination of the following benefits: 
  • Increased fuel economy
  • Smoother engine operation
  • Reduced emissions
  • Maximum horsepower
However, while motorists expect fuel additives to deliver nearly immediate results, typical “all-in-one” additives require use for several tanks of fuel before providing any noticeable performance improvement. Most people don’t want to wait that long or commit to buying several bottles of a fuel additive.

AdditivesEngine condition plays a vital role in additive performance

To understand why additive performance varies, you should understand why your engine may need a fuel additive in the first place. For optimum fuel efficiency and lower emissions, fuel must first be atomized into a fine mist prior to combustion. Over time, injector deposits produce irregular spray patterns with heavy streams of gasoline that reduce performance (see injector “before” image), while intake valve deposits also decrease efficiency. Today’s injectors are highly engineered to tight tolerances, and even minute deposits interfere with the spray pattern and reduce power and fuel economy. The problem is especially pronounced in newer high-pressure common-rail (HPCR) diesel engines and in direct-injection engines that locate the injectors in the combustion chamber, exposed to intense heat.  

Additive concentration matters

Fuel additives help clean engine deposits and restore lost power and improve fuel economy. However, most additives don’t contain a sufficient concentration of cleaning agents and other performance-improving chemicals to provide the nearly immediate results you expect. Instead, after using the additive with every tank of fuel, over some period of time – possibly weeks to months – you may experience a slight up-tick in power, fuel economy or drivability. Continued use with every tank of fuel maintains engine performance.
AMSOIL fuel additives, however, are different. As performance concentrates, they boast potent formulas designed to provide nearly immediate results.AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver, for example, does an excellent job cleaning deposits to improve fuel economy up to 5.7% and an average of 2.3%. The before/after images show the results after just one tank of fuel treated with P.i.
AMSOIL applies the same philosophy to all AMSOIL fuel additives. For example, AMSOIL Diesel Injector Clean provides the lubricity needed to protect the fuel pump and injectors while cleaning deposits for peak performance. AMSOIL Quickshot, meanwhile, cleans powersports fuel systems and fights ethanol problems to help you get the most out of your motorcycle, snowmobile, lawn mower and other equipment.
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