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VOC Destroyer™ for Hazardous Compounds

VOC Destroyer™

Natural  Microbes for the bioremediation of contaminated soil and water from VOC, BTEX, MTBE, and other hazardous compounds. 

Volatile Organic Compounds are a necessary component or byproduct of pesticides, herbicides, and many industrial processes. Unfortunately these compounds may be hazardous and require proper containment. When spills or leaks occur, VOC Destroyer™ is a Professional Strength, safe, and non-toxic cleanup solution that reduces VOCs to acceptable levels. VOC Destroyer™ is a consortium of bacteria, unicellular, and mycelial fungi designed with specific appetites for VOCs and other hazardous chemicals.

Applications and Uses

Bioremediation of contaminated soil, sludge, surface and ground water containing:

     Volatile Organic Compounds
     Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylenes (BTEX)
     Methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE)
     Pesticides & Herbicides

VOC Destroyer™ is used in many industries including:
     Hazardous Waste Removal
     Waste Treatment
     Chemical Manufacturing
     Clothing Manufacturing
     Pesticide & Herbicide Manufacturing
     Equipment washing at golf courses and similar operations.

The key step in the degradation of VOC contaminants depends on the presence of a multi-component enzyme system found in these microorganisms. These optimized microbes are applied to the contamination site and digest their way through the pollutant material, multiplying and digesting until no pollutant remains. VOC Destroyer™ microorganisms utilize these unwanted contaminants as their fuel source. The byproducts are non-toxic carbon dioxide, water, and mineralized 



  • Degradation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, Phenols and related compounds.
  • Removal of many pesticides and herbicides. Isoprenoid, linear and cyclic terpene degradation.
  • The process is generally 60-70% less costly than other technologies.
  • Air quality and air pollution concerns from volatile chemical evaporation are eliminated.
  • Can remediate areas that are not easily accessible or are inaccessible to other technologies.
  • The process poses no health or safety risks to employees.
  • The contaminating material is converted to innocuous carbon dioxide and water, thereby returning the soil or water to “clean” standards.


CoreBiologic VOC Destroyer™ assures no harm to the natural environment from unrecognized DNA. The components in VOC Destroyer™ synergize the interactions between beneficial bacteria and fungus to do their best work. This synergy forms a very potent tool to combat accumulation of VOCs in a wide variety of applications.
  • 25 Strains of Fresh, Viable, and Natural microbes selected for their capabilities to bioremediate VOCs.
  • Free of caustics, it will not damage plastic pipes or plumbing fixtures.
  • Converts VOCs into carbon dioxide, water and biomass.
  • It is non-pathogenic, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and biodegradable.
  • Bioremediation can be accomplished in-place (In Situ).
  • Aliphatic hydrocarbon degradation from hexane to paraffin.
  • VOC hydrocarbon degradation including BTEX, and MTBE.
  • High count microbial inoculant with efficacy across a number of environmental applications.
Reduces VOCs quickly across a wide range of applications.


CoreBiologic VOC Destroyer™ can be used across a wide range of industrial settings. The product is also versatile in the way it can be applied, by use in hand sprayers and misting systems, large volume sprayers, pressure washers, soil penetrating applicators, and is safe to use in all equipment. These options allow for fast and easy application in a complex and imperative industry.

    Small Area

  • Spray or pour to saturate the affected area and allow to dry. *Do not blot or soak up excess material.
  • Large Area

  • 1 gallon of product remediates up to 1 cubic yard of soil or 200 gallons of contaminated water.
  • Repeated applications may be necessary depending on contamination levels, soil density, soil weight, and desired time frame for remediation.

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Retail / Wholesale Sales

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