Monday, March 21, 2016

Fun Crafts to do On the Road

You don’t have to be an artist or experienced crafter to pick up a new hobby for your life on the road. In fact, there are a number crafting hobbies that are easy and inexpensive to start. The following are a few easy crafts you can start enjoying on those long, rainy travel days.
Needlework is a hobby for patient crafters, but it’s incredibly rewarding. Start small with a basic cross-stitch or embroidery set, and you’ll quickly catch on to this addicting hobby. Try black and white patterns for a more budget-friendly approach and stick with small, basic patterns for your first creations.
Painting by Numbers
Painting isn’t just a hobby for experienced artists. Try painting by numbers to enjoy an addictive hobby that’s also rewarding. There are countless painting by numbers sets available online and at craft stores, and crafters can choose from those using water color paints, acrylic paints and other mediums. Choose a design you like, and you’ll soon have a gorgeous painting hanging on your RV’s wall.
Those who enjoy painting by numbers may also enjoy coloring printouts. Have images printed, then color them in with your painting by numbers skills with acrylic paints or charcoal (for black and white photos). This is an easy way to enjoy and display your own photos in a more exciting way.
Soap Making
Some of the most rewarding crafts are those that create something you can use. Try making your own soaps by melting old soaps and adding oils and other ingredients for smells and exfoliants. Or use an online tutorial to help you create your very own brand of soap. Collecting scents and other soap ingredients will become another fun part of your travel adventures, and you’ll soon have soaps with ingredients from all of your destinations.
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