Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Bread and Cheese Savoury Recipe


½ lb. of whole-meal bread
3 oz. of grated cheese
1 pint of milk
3 eggs
Pepper and salt to taste
A little nutmeg, and some butter

Cut the bread into slices and butter them: arrange in layers in a pie-dish, spreading some cheese between the layers, and dusting with pepper, salt, and a little nutmeg. Finish with a good sprinkling of cheese. Whip up the eggs, mix them with the milk and pour the mixture over the bread and cheese in the pie-dish. Pour the custard back into the basin, and repeat the pouring over the contents of the pie-dish. If this is done 2 or 3 times the top slices of bread and butter get soaked and then bake better. This should also be done when a bread and butter pudding is made. Bake the savoury until brown, which it will be in about ¾ of an hour.

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