Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Mushroom Tart and Gravy Recipe


1 lb. of mushrooms
½ lb. of fine wheat-meal
4 oz. of butter frying oil
Pepper and salt to taste

Pick and wash the mushrooms, remove the stalks, dry them and cut them into pieces; make pastry with the meal, 3 oz. of the butter, and a little cold water; roll it out, line a large plate and heap the mushrooms upon it, dredge well with pepper and salt, and cut the rest of the butter into bits to be scattered over the mushrooms; when you line the plate, keep a little of the paste, cut this into thin strips and lay them in diamond shape across the pie; bake the pie ¾ hour in a moderate oven. The Gravy.—the stalks of the mushrooms, 4 eschalots chopped very fine, 1 teaspoonful of cornflower, 3 bay leaves, ½ oz. of butter, pepper and salt to taste. Fry the stalks and eschalots in the butter, then gently cook them in ¾ pint of water for ½ hour, adding seasoning and the bay leaves; strain, return the sauce to the saucepan, and thicken it with the cornflower.

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mushroom tart recipe

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