Thursday, May 19, 2016

Balcony Gardens

Everyone loves a beautiful garden. Not everyone has a place to grow a garden or do they? If you live in an apartment or a home with no yard, fear not, were going to give you some fun ideas for a balcony garden.

You can grow anything from seasonal flowers, herbs and even some vegetables. First things first you will want to take a little inventory of things to begin your balcony garden:
  • ü  How much sunshine does your balcony get during the day?
  • ü  What time of year it is, do you need to worry about frost?
  • ü  Do you get high winds, making sure your new garden does get damaged?
  • ü  Fresh flowers attract Bee’s. Are you allergic, and do you mind the occasional bee?
  • ü  Be mindful of downstairs neighbors, rain or watering fall out can make a mess below, so have a good water drainage plan.
balcony garden idea

Do some research based on the amount of sunshine your balcony receives before you buy any plants. Some plants require lots of sunshine where others will only require moderate sunshine. Choosing the right plants or flowers will be the key to your successful garden. Working with your local garden center, or reaching out to your local arboretum, or your local agriculture extension office. Great resources to help you get started finding the right mix for your balcony garden.

The real fun in a balcony garden is actually creating the space. Your garden will be an extension of your creative thought. Hanging plants, beautiful plant holders and creative pots will set the tone of your balcony garden.

You may want to consider decorating your flower pots, fun paints and designs can truly add to the elegance or brighten up the space. You can use pottery, buckets, planters, anything you can think of that will hold dirt. You can be as traditional as you want or as eclectic as your heart desires.

A garden where you can escape the everyday stress of life, so take time to find the right placement, the right mixes of plants, flowers and vegetable plants. If you enjoy healthy eating then grow a few tomatoes or herbs for cooking. Both do really well. Creating a Zen like escape on your patio to enjoy the tranquility you created.

Vegetables that do well in a balcony garden, tomatoes, beans, radish, green onions and peppers do well in planters. Herbs are also very easy to grow.

Having a small balcony garden is easier than you may think. It only requires a small amount of your time to maintain. It’s not expensive to start small. If you start with seeds, you can’t imagine how fun it is to come in one day and see your sprouts growing. It’s an amazing feeling to create plants that will soon begin to grow voraciously with a little water and love!

The best place to start is at your local garden center. Before you buy anything visit two or three if possible to find a knowledgeable person that can really help you. A person that has a passion for horticulture and can give you sage advice, then you can truly create the balcony garden of your dreams. 

flower garden

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