Thursday, May 12, 2016

Vegetable Pie Recipe


½ lb. each of tomatoes, turnips, carrots, potatoes,
1 tablespoonful of sago
1 teaspoonful of mixed herbs
3 hard-boiled eggs
2 oz. of butter, and pepper and salt to taste

Prepare the vegetables, scald and skin the tomatoes, cut them in pieces not bigger than a walnut, stew them in the butter and 1 pint of water until nearly tender, add the pepper and salt and the mixed herbs. When cooked, pour the vegetables into a pie-dish, sprinkle in the sago, and add water to make gravy if necessary. Cut the hard-boiled eggs in quarters and place them on the top of the vegetables, cover with a crust, and bake until it is brown.

8B Ranch Cuisine 

vegetable pie recipe

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