Monday, June 6, 2016

Taking Care of Pets

Families are truly enriched with love when you have pets as part of the family. Dog’s, Cat’s and other small critters are fun to have and do come with responsibility.

For first time pet owners or new pet owners their certain pet maintenance and care considerations you will want to make. Making room in your family's budget for daily care of your pet. You don’t just get a pet put it in the house throw down some water and food and that’s it.

Caring properly for your new family member requires a few things to consider:

  1. Make sure that you are able to give your pet lots of attention. Dog’s are especially social animals and will bond with you. They can suffer from separation anxiety just like a child. If your pet gets bored and that’s when bad behavior can occur.
  2. Exercise, your pet needs to be able to run around or take extended walks. Dog parks are great for off leash activities.
  3. Medical care. Just like humans pets require medical care. Good heartworm preventative, and flea treatment. You will want to make sure you have budget set aside for emergency care and illness. You can also get pet medical insurance. Grooming is also something you will need to budget for.
  4. Food. Good quality food. Check with your veterinarian about the appropriate diet for your pet.
  5. Take time to train your pet on basic commands, walking on a lead, sit, and stay. Training them to alert you it's time for a bathroom break, to go outside. All of these basic training regiments are easy enough anyone can do it. The key is consistency. Ounce your pet masters commands you will enjoy a very happy relationship.

Those are just a few major responsibilities you have when taking on a family pet.

One of the most common mistakes families make in choosing a pet is choosing the right breed of pet. For example,  some dogs are more hyper than others. Athletic dogs, water dogs all require areas to run and burn off energy. Families with active children would do well with this type of animal.

Dogs that are less active will do well with folks that have a slower lifestyle. Cats require less maintenance. The most important thing is to make sure that you set aside some small budget to take quality care of your pet.

Picking the right pet that fits your family will make for a happy family! Take time to learn about breeds and their inherent behavior. We can’t stress enough, that with a little homework finding the right pet that fits your family's dynamic will bring joy and memories for a lifetime.

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