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Fraser Valley Hop Farm


For over a hundred years, Canada’s best hops have come from the Fraser Valley. Although that may have changed for a few years while big name breweries south of the border had a chance to take the limelight, FVHF is proud to be the team that is rebuilding that legacy, placing the gold metal right back where it belongs, the Fraser Valley! 

Buy Local Hops; Give The People What They Want!

Many of the responses on “local hops” were in relation to the local food movement and supporting local BC farmers. 

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One respondent noted that their support for local products was based on enhancing the resiliency of local economies.

For price, there was a general consensus from all brewers that they would pay a premium for BC grown hops.  It was estimated that the current prices of imported hops range from $5 to $17 per pound.  One respondent noted that they would pay double the price for Cascade hops grown in and another noted that they would pay $15 per lb. (also for Cascade).

In general, quality of hops and meeting brewers’ specifications was the top priority for brewers. One respondent noted that brewers needed to be consistent with their beer, thus, require a consistent quality in their hops.  Another respondent noted that the quality of hops previously sourced from a small scale hops farm in BC has been an issue; however, they would still purchase local hops if quality specifications were met. On the subject of varieties, a number of brewers noted
“The big C’s” (Cascade, Centennial, Columbus and Chinook) as varieties of interest.  Organic hops appeared to be not as important, organic beer or hops are not a major selling point.

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Our Beautiful Farm

FVHF ,  will be launching Phase 1 of its operations via the planting, harvesting and selling hops from its 125 acre hop farm in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia in February of 2017. The Company is leasing 125.7 acres for farming on a renewable 25-year lease on a portion of the Lot 115, 59303 RSBC 2128, Plan 59303 on Seabird Indian Reserve No 1, as per drawing. Fraser Valley Hop Farms Inc. will plant, grow, harvest, process, pelletize and sell its own hops for the BC craft brewing industry. The first anticipated harvest will commence in August/September 2017, with full annual harvests thereafter. The Company anticipates harvesting in its first year at approximately 50% capacity, and 100% capacity every year following. Anticipated yields are 1,500 pounds of dried hops per acre to be sold at an average price of $15.00 per pound. Annual gross proceeds @ 125 acres will be $2,812,500 with net proceeds of approximately $2,500,000 per year.

The craft beer industry in BC is exploding right now and the Hop industry has not been able to supply the demand. Currently, the 13 million pound global hops shortage coupled with inflated hop prices and extreme Western US drought have crippled the Hops industry. Leading beer experts agree that the best and most desirable hops in the world are grown in the vicinity of the 49th parallel The Fraser Valley, BC and the growth of craft beer in B.C. has been “explosive and unprecedented,” Beatti said.
In the optimal growing conditions of the Fraser Valley, the vines start growing at a fairly rapid rate, sometimes as much as 1 foot/day. An established hops plant can grow up to 18 feet high, producing upwards of 2 pounds of dried hops. 

During the 6 month growing season from April to September, The Fraser valley receives approx. 481.1 mm of rain and there is no shortage of clean drinking water. Thus the conditions in the Fraser Valley are excellent for growing the highly-in-demand crop.

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