Friday, August 5, 2016

Slavic Beauty Small Farm Dairy Equipment

In today’s world finding fresh food, milk and just about everything we eat that is somehow genetically modified, chemically enhanced in some way. Well it’s almost none existent to find natural dairy or food. Families are now looking for alternatives.

Imagine being able to produce your own butter and dairy products. Self-sufficiency is growing leaps and bounds. Families are tired of eating GMO enhanced foods and dairy products. Slavic Beauty helps small farms, backyard barnyards produce dairy products. With state-of-the-art cream separators, milking machines and ancillary products to support a small dairy producing farm.

Designed for small farms with affordable pricing producing your own dairy products is closer than you might think. Family friendly and everyone can help, even the kids! 

fresh dairy products
Fresh Dairy Products

What most folks don’t know is you can have your own dairy products with our without livestock. For example you can buy cream line milk from small farms throughout the country, use a cream separator and make your own butter and cream.

If however you live in an area that allows livestock, you can have a small heard of goats or a dairy cow to produce dairy products. With a small milk machine you can milk your livestock in much less time since most folks have jobs, and family that take up a great bit of time. Slavic Beauty helps with time saving equipment for more efficiency and better products with higher yields. We boast over a decades experience in helping small family farms. 

What really makes all of this special, family! Everything we’re talking about in this article can be done with everyone in the family. Kids will share with their children milking cows, making cream, and churning butter. Sharing how wonderful all dairy products tasted because they’re homemade.

It’s not just about becoming self-sufficient this lifestyle brings families together in ways too numerous to mention. Teaching kids they can take care of themselves, they can learn respect for nature and animals. Respect for our planet and its resources.

The memories families will create working together will fade into stories shared for generations to come. Time honored family traditions; legacies that will live long after you’re gone. That is a blessing to be sure.

Family farms are making a comeback all across America. Townships are being friendlier to backyard barnyards. Practicing a similar way of life, feeding our children non-gmo enhanced products. Sure it takes a little work, but that is the foundation Slavic Beauty is built on. Providing equipment and solutions to economize the process and make it viable to do.

Slavic Beauty Products:

Cream Separator, allow you to separate the cream from the milk. Not much bigger than a household blender you can use it right in your kitchen. All material used in the equipment is food grade. 

Producing cream, buttermilk, and butter adding real value to your farm produced product mix.
The process takes whole milk and separates the cream, skim milk and contaminants.  

With several different models to choose from you can find a unit to fit any budget.  With hand operated or electric versions. All plastic parts are PBA free. Available with US or Euro plugs. Easy to follow instructions will have you making cream quickly.

cream seperator
Cream Separator

Imagine serving friends fresh cream and butter. With some imagination your recipes will become family favorites.

Mini Milking Machine, for goats, sheep and cows will add efficiency and speed to your milking process. The machine provides a natural milking process for the comfort of the animal.

Milking machines are great for 1 animal or multi animal use. An excellent choice for small farmers!
Machines are affordable and easy to maintain. Portable and easy to move, this is an excellent investment to improve dairy production.

goat milking machine

Each machine comes with factory support, owner’s manual for easy troubleshooting.

Electric ButterChurns, made from food grade aluminum or plastic model. Make churning butter an easy and efficient process.

Preparing fresh butter from cream is wholesome and butter that taste is to die for! Imagine your recipes using real homemade butter.

Our products are built in the Ukraine, with distribution from our Michigan warehouse. You can check out our online reviews, our support and products are world class. Each machine is easy to use with very little technical skill needed. Easy to follow instructions!

Slavic Beauty specializes in working with small farms, backyard self-reliant families and co-ops. With an eye towards quality and the reality of budgets, our products meet both. Reach out to our friendly staff for the best dairy solution for your dairy farming needs. We’re ready to help!

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