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Vitamin supplements are an important part of your horse's care. A balanced natural supplement is our choice.

Natural Stride Equine:

Natural Stride is committed to providing You and Your horse with a proprietary blend of uniquely balanced ingredients, carefully designed for greater relief from swelling, painful joints, faster recovery times and superior performance in young and old horses alike. Natural Stride features the proven natural ingredient Cetyl Myristoleate (100% vegetable derived) - a powerful new nutraceutical for superior joint relief and performance-in unique combination with other ALL NATURAL proven joint health ingredients. Make Natural Stride your choice for joint supplements!

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WastePro™ Livestock

100% Natural occurring microbes selected for their capabilities to handle degradation of “common” organics in livestock waste.

Solids Reducer and Odor control formulated for Livestock Manure Pits, Outdoor Lagoons, Holding Tanks, and any place that manure accumulates. WastePro™ Livestock  provides trillions of natural microbes per gallon selected for their outstanding capabilities to provide superior breakdown of organic waste in animal rearing operations. WastePro™ Livestock is safe, natural, and NOT genetically modified.

Applications and Uses

Animal rearing operations, feed-out operations, and suitable for all size of livestock operations

The organic waste that collects in livestock operations can build up making pump-out difficult, causing foul odors, and runoff issues and can lead to costly cleanup. WastePro™ Livestock will break the organic material into a liquid slurry for easy pump-out and disposal. The released nutrients are then digested by the microbes, which then multiply organic materials and produce more enzymes to continue the break down process.
WastePro™ Livestock is a versatile, quick acting product that is effective for cleaning organic matter out of livestock holding areas. WastePro™ Livestock will reduce and emulsify organic matter as well as bio-remediate. WastePro™ Livestock has a versatile formulation speed up the break down organic waste while being safe for the environment.

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